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We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment as well as towards future generations and are committed to sustainable economic activity.


Our corporate strategy focuses on harmonizing sustainable and efficient economic development.

You can find more details in our Sustainability Report 2021.


We put the reduction of our CO₂ footprint at the forefront of our actions and develop innovative measures for implementation.

You can find more details in our Sustainability Report 2021.


We are committed to social justice, both inside and outside the company. In doing so, we expand and review our actions at regular intervals in the course of CIP meetings.

You can find more details in our sustainability-report-2021.

Our commitment to more sustainability

Our incentive is climate neutrality by 2030 - We prepare an annual balance sheet on our corporate carbon footprint.

We use 100% green electricity and focus on e-mobility.

With our goal in mind, we are working on innovative and future-oriented packaging solutions. We offer CO₂-neutral crate and packaging with a certified tool. Help us and contact us:

Scope 1: This category includes direct emissions that are controlled or owned by us. In our case, these are fuel and gas consumption. In 2021, the value was 3,845 tons of CO2.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions are reported here that are owned and controlled by third parties and must be reported. In our case, these are electricity consumption. In 2021, the value was 939 metric tons of CO2.

Scope 3: This category includes indirect emissions that are owned and controlled by third parties and must
control of third parties and can be additionally reported.
In our case, these are waste as well as waste and fresh water consumption. In the
In 2021, the value was 89 metric tons of CO2.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations as a roadmap for sustainable development by 2030.

We have chosen to implement 11 SDGs as a first step. Each of the individual SDGs can be found here with a brief overview.

No poverty

Fair payment and respect for human rights are at the top of the agenda for the sustainable expansion of jobs and are firmly anchored in our goals. Furthermore, when selecting our business partners, we ensure that they are in line with our goals.

Health and well-being

As an employer, we ensure safety and health protection in the workplace within the framework of statutory provisions. Our occupational safety specialists and company physicians are on hand to advise us and ensure that these regulations are complied with.

High quality education

We believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved if our employees are able to develop freely and thus grow. We promote this, among other things, with a range of different training opportunities. At the same time, we see the future in our apprentices and support them in their growth as well as on their journey into professional life.

Gender Equality

In a predominantly male-dominated industry, we are setting a good example and steadily increasing the proportion of women in our company. We have already made some progress in the past year.

Affordable and clean energy

We are taking advantage of the development of renewable energies and are already implementing them in the company in the form of various projects. The switch to green electricity shows that sustainable awareness can also have an economic benefit at the same time. The expansion of electric charging stations at our sites is a priority and additionally helps us to use electric vehicles.

Decent work and economic growth

Good and secure jobs and compliance with the minimum wage are top priorities in our company and help us to operate sustainably and grow as a company with the right awareness.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

With the intention of becoming an innovation driver in the industry, we are actively engaged in the topic of digitalization. For this purpose, we have created our own department, AXXUM Innovation, which deals exclusively with future topics and drives the AXXUM Group forward.

Fewer inequalities

We foster fair dealings with each other by firmly anchoring this in our corporate culture. At the same time, a high level of diversity is important to us, as it brings out different strengths and thus drives us forward in our corporate growth.

Sustainable consumption and production

Regionality and fairness are important building blocks in the expansion of our sustainable supplier management. Our motivation is the conservation of natural resources. To this end, we have the topic of alternative raw materials on our agenda and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to use new raw materials.

Climate protection measures

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030. For this purpose, we have founded our own sustainability team. This team brings AXXUM a little closer to its goal every day by implementing various projects. One of these projects is the optimization of the vehicle fleet to e-mobility, which we want to have achieved by 2030.

Partnerships to achieve the goals

Expanding existing partnerships or forging new ones is a major component of our sustainable corporate strategy. Building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers or start-ups is at the forefront of this.

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